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Classification of electrodynamic loudspeakers.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

    Electrodynamic loudspeaker is widely used, and it is divided into three types: paper basin type, drum type and ball top.

    1. The paper basin type loudspeaker is also known as moving coil loudspeaker.

It consists of three parts:

(1) vibration system: drum paper, voice coil, centering ram (elastic wave)

(2) magnetic circuit system: magnet, yoke (T), magnetic guide plate (wah)

(3) auxiliary system, including basin frame, terminal board, wire, pressure edge and dust cover, etc.

     When the voice coil in the magnetic field has a current through audio, occurs with the audio current changing magnetic field, the magnetic field and magnetic field of permanent magnet interact, make the voice coil along the axial vibration, due to the speaker is simple in structure, bass plump, soft tone, and wide frequency band, but the efficiency is low.

    2. The structure of the cylindrical loudspeaker is composed of the vibration system (high-pitched head) and the bugle. The vibration system is similar to that of a paper basin speaker, except that its diaphragm is not a paper basin, but a spherical diaphragm. The vibration of the diaphragm is transmitted to the air through the trumpet (through two reflections). Its frequency is high, the volume is large, often used outdoors and the square expands sound.

    3. Ball top speaker: the dome type loudspeaker is the most widely used electric loudspeaker in the speakers. Its greatest advantage is that the medium and high frequency response is excellent and the directivity is wider. In addition, it has the advantages of good transient characteristics, small distortion and good sound quality. It is suitable for all home cinema series speakers in the market.