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How is the car stereo maintained?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Most cars are now equipped with CD equipment, and a very good car stereo may have some minor problems after a period of time, so how do you maintain the sound?

In fact, many problems may arise not because of the quality problems of the equipment, but because of problems in use or maintenance. For example, the dirt and dust in the city, they are the enemy of car stereo. Generally speaking, the sound fault can be divided into two categories: one is caused by improper use and the other is caused by the weather.

1, the factors affecting the normal work of the car stereo is mainly temperature and humidity, it is because the car stereo installed in the top of the dashboard, in order to avoid the illuminate of sunshine, it is better to use the visor. Also, note that if your car doors and Windows are not tightly sealed, it is better to replace them, otherwise the speaker will be vulnerable to corrosion and damage, and may even cause a short circuit to burn the host. If it is modified CD drive, in order to avoid damp, do not install below the bottom plate and seat, had better install high up in the body, but do not install in the windshield, high temperature can make the electronic components and laser accelerated aging.

2. Dust prevention. The laser head is also the most expensive part of the vulnerable part and the most important part of the CD player. Although the automobile acoustics has considered the problem of dustproof in the design process, but because the domestic road condition is not very good, the dustproof problem appears especially important. When the road condition is poor, the window should be closed in time. To form the good habit of the car clean, though the sound of the host is also more sophisticated equipment, we can't also can't do STH without authorization apart to clean up their internal dust, but it's usually pay more attention to the equipment and the sensitive position on the surface of the clean, also be of great help to a sound life.

3. In addition to the audio host to keep clean, the tape and CD should be kept clean. Because the dirt on them will not only affect the sound quality of the sound, but also damage the sound.