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Portable megaphone purchase notes.
- Apr 24, 2018 -

The growing with tourism and education enrollment expansion, the teaching and the guide you need to use the microphone to normal volume also ensure clear voice, strong quality, ensure the quality of teaching and guide the birth of the portable megaphone, solved the trouble back at home of teachers and tour guide, easy to carry, simple operation, the battery replacement is more convenient and quick, praised by the teacher and guide teacher. So how do we choose?

First, switch on the amplifier and try to maximize the sound to hear if there is any noise. If there is no noise, there is no noise in the static state of the amplifier. Some of the poor-quality amplifiers, which are easy to have noise at this time, are not worth buying, and it won't take long.

Second, when the speaker is tuned to the maximum, use the amplifier for amplification. Listen carefully to whether the amplified sound is distorted, and if the speaker is loud enough, the sound is loud enough. Such a loudspeaker is probably not a bad amplifier.

Third, loudspeaker, although appearance is not the most important factor, but the speakers work processing is a worthy of our scrutiny, if speakers do manual work is very rough, the loudspeaker majority is not mature products, the probability of occurrence quality problem is also higher.

Fourth, whether the function of the amplifier meets the requirements, whether to support U disk, TF card, FM radio, one key cycle function, etc.

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