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Requirements for home acoustics.
- Apr 18, 2018 -

      Audio equipment is the source of sound (music broadcast equipment, pick up the phone), the control equipment (analog or digital mixer), audio processor (before are in effect, equalizer, pressure limiting device, frequency divider, signal distributor, time delay and other peripheral equipment, now has integrated the above each function of the digital controller) system, power amplifier (pa), speakers. Under the premise of good indoor acoustical environment, the more accurate the sound image localization, the more realistic the sound color, the more vivid the appearance of the sound image.

        Folding system composition

1. Audio source: the source of sound, the common sound sources in the home sound system are cassette recorders, CD players, LD machines, VCD players and DVD players.

2, amplification equipment: high-power in order to effectively introduce the speaker voice, generally must carry on the power amplifier, audio output signal is now common for AV amplifier amplification equipment, generally for the transistor amplifiers, some enthusiasts also favours the vacuum tube amplifier.

3. Sound equipment: that is, the sound box, its performance will directly affect the listening effect.

4. Connecting line: including the connecting line from the sound source to the amplifier and the connecting line of the amplifier to the speaker.

      Basic folding requirement

    1. Requirements for home audio equipment.

The ultimate goal of the home sound system is to get the desired sound effects, such as the sound effects of the theater at home. But family is different from the movie theater, so to appreciate the different nature of the sound, the requirements of the acoustic effect is different also, pop music, classical music, light music to correct all kinds of Musical Instruments, but to enjoy the film, but requires sound of presence, surrounded by feeling, etc.

        For audio source, the first choice is DVD, because DVD is a pure digital design, mostly with ac-3 interface, can be directly composed of an AC-3 dolby surround sound system. The CD player is also good, but note that different audio sources will end up with a different sound effect (even if the device is exactly the same).

      For the amplifier, it is required to have more input and output terminals (if the home theater system is set up at least 6 pairs), with a large power output and impedance matching.

Demand for speakers, power can be a little bit small, because in the family use generally do not need high power output, but the sensitivity, pointing to the characteristics of the speakers, frequency response characteristics are should have a higher request, had better use all frequency sound box, power is enough.

      The connection line is the easiest to ignore for the enthusiasts, but it turns out that their effects on sound effects must not be ignored, and their frequency characteristics and shielding characteristics must be better.

     2. Requirements of home sound system for listening environment.

    Will tell to average household, sitting room is listening room, due to the limitation of objective conditions, can't again to adjust the proportion of the listening environment, but under the condition of existing size, how can is considered for optimal listening: listen to the sound environment of symmetry, the symmetry includes two aspects, namely audit symmetric and acoustics, geometric symmetry and audio Settings shall be geometric symmetrical shape. Of course, listen to the sound as a reference point; Acoustic symmetric refers to speakers near acoustic conditions, including the direct sound waves, reflection and absorption characteristics of sound waves should be consistent, which requires the choice of decoration materials, furniture decorate good acoustic characteristics shall meet the listening.