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The composition of the speaker
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Speaker is a kind of transducer that transforms electrical signals into acoustic signals. The performance of loudspeakers has great influence on the sound quality. The speaker is the weakest device in the audio equipment, and it is one of the most important parts for the sound effects. There are a wide variety of speakers and prices vary widely. Audio power produces sound by electromagnetically, piezoelectrically, or electrostatically, vibrating its cone or diaphragm and resonating (resonating) with the surrounding air.

Low-grade plastic speaker because of its thin box, can not overcome the resonance, no sound quality (also have some well-designed plastic speaker is much better than a poor quality wooden speaker); wooden speaker reduces the box caused by the resonance of the sound, The sound quality is generally better than plastic speakers.

Usually multimedia speakers are two-unit two-way design, a smaller speaker is responsible for the output of the middle and high, while the other larger speaker is responsible for the output of the bass and bass.

Select speakers should consider the material of these two speakers: multimedia active speaker tweeters are mainly soft dome (in addition to the titanium dome for analog sources, etc.), and it can reduce the high frequency with the digital audio source The bluntness of the signal gives a gentle, smooth and delicate feeling. Multi-media speakers now have mostly high-quality silk membranes and lower-cost PV membranes.

The bass unit determines the characteristics of the speaker's sound and is relatively important to choose. The most common ones are the following: paper cones, paper cones, paper-based wool pots, tight pressing basins, and the like.

Paper cones sound natural, cheap, good rigidity, lighter materials, high sensitivity, the disadvantage is poor moisture resistance, consistency is difficult to control the manufacturing, but the top HiFi system in the production of paper cones everywhere, because the sound output is very average, Reducibility is good. Bulletproof cloth, with a wide frequency response and low distortion, is the first choice for those who love strong bass. The disadvantages are high cost, complicated production process, and low sensitivity. The light music effect is not very good.

Wool woven basin, soft texture, it is very good performance for soft music and light music, but the bass effect is poor, lack of strength and shock.

PP (polypropylene) basin, it is widely popular in high-end speakers, the consistency is good and low distortion, all aspects of performance are remarkable. In addition, there are also fiber-like diaphragms and composite diaphragms, which are rarely used in popular loudspeakers due to their high price.

The size of the speaker is naturally as large as possible, and the large-diameter subwoofer can perform better in the low-frequency part, which can be selected in the purchase. Speakers made with high-performance speakers mean lower transient distortion and better sound quality. Ordinary multimedia speakers Subwoofer speakers are usually between 3 and 5 inches. Speakers made with high-performance speakers also mean lower transient distortion and better sound quality.