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The main types of speakers
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Many kinds of speakers, according to the principle of its energy can be divided into electric (that is, moving coil), electrostatic (that is, capacitive), electromagnetic (reed-type), piezoelectric (that is, crystal), etc. The latter two are mostly used in rural cable broadcast networks; they can be divided into low-frequency loudspeakers, mid-range loudspeakers and high-frequency loudspeakers according to the frequency range. These are often used as combined loudspeakers in loudspeakers.

According to the mechanism and structure of transduction energy transfer type (electric), capacitive (static), piezoelectric (crystal or ceramic), electromagnetic (pressure spring), ionized and pneumatic speakers, etc. Speakers have many advantages such as good electro-acoustic performance, firm structure, low cost, etc.

According to the sound radiation material, it can be divided into cone, horn and diaphragm type; it can be divided into round, elliptical, double paper cone and rubber folding ring according to the shape of the paper cone; bass, midrange, and high pitch can be divided according to working frequency, and some are also divided into For recorders, televisions, general and high-fidelity speakers, etc.; voice coil impedance is divided into low impedance and high impedance; according to the effect of splitting the direct and environmental sounds.

Speakers are divided into built-in speakers and external speakers, and external speakers are generally referred to as speakers. The built-in speaker means that the MP4 player has a built-in speaker so that the user can hear the sound from the MP4 player not only through the headphone jack but also through the built-in speaker. The MP4 player with built-in speakers can eliminate the need for external speakers and avoid the inconvenience of wearing headphones for a long time.