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Type of speaker
- Apr 11, 2018 -

    The speaker is a transducer that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals, and the performance of the loudspeaker has great influence on the sound quality. The frequency range can be divided into low frequency speakers, intermediate frequency speakers and high frequency speakers, which are often used as combination speakers in speakers.

     Many different kinds of speaker, according to the can in principle can be divided into dynamic (i.e. moving coil), electrostatic (capacitive), electromagnetic (i.e., reed type), piezoelectric (crystal type) to wait for a few kinds, after more than two used in rural cable broadcasting network;

  (1) low frequency loudspeaker.

For various speakers, the quality factor of the low frequency speaker is different. For closures and inverter boxes, the Q0 value is generally the best between 0.3 and 0.6. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the low-frequency loudspeaker, the larger the diameter of the magnet and the voice coil, the better the low-frequency playback performance, the better the transient characteristics, and the higher the sensitivity. The structure of the bass unit is mostly cone type, and there is a small amount of plate type. Bass unit there are many different kinds of diaphragm, diaphragm made of aluminum alloy, aluminium magnesium alloy diaphragm, ceramic diaphragm, carbon fibre diaphragm, diaphragm bullet-proof cloth, glass fiber diaphragm paper, propylene diaphragm, diaphragm and so on. Aluminum alloy diaphragm, glass fibre diaphragm bass unit average diameter is small, bear power is larger, and the reinforced paper POTS, glass fiber diaphragm bass unit replay music timbre is relatively accurate, the overall balance is good.

  (2) medium frequency loudspeaker.

Generally speaking, the intermediate frequency speaker as long as the flat frequency response curve, effective frequency response range is greater than it in the system of burst frequency band width, impedance and sensitivity and low frequency unit is consistent. Sometimes the power capacity of the middle tone is not enough, and the sensitivity is high, and the impedance is higher than the middle tone of the bass unit, thus reducing the actual input power of the middle tone unit. The middle tone unit usually has cone and ball top two kinds. It's just the size and the withstanding power that is larger than the high pitch unit and is suitable for playback. The diaphragm is dominated by soft materials such as paper basin and silk film, and occasionally a small amount of alloy ball top diaphragm.

  (3) high frequency loudspeaker.

The high-pitched unit is meant to play back the loudspeaker unit of the high frequency sound. The main structure forms are the number solution type, cone type, ball top type and aluminum belt type.