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Waist-mounted loudspeaker features
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1, the discharge time is long, a charge can be used about 6 hours (lithium battery), is 2-4 times the ordinary loudspeaker.

2, sound amplification, power 0-25W, is 2-4 times the ordinary loudspeaker.

3, the use of lithium batteries, long life (2-4 years). 4, MP3 music or computer music can be played through the loudspeaker.

5, using ABS engineering plastics, not afraid of impact.

6, sound clear.

7, sound loud, power up to 15W, applicable area of 200 square meters.

8, small size, ultra-thin microphone.

9, easy to charge, plug the plug can be charged, rechargeable.

10, battery (lithium battery) use time is long, up to 8-10 hours

11, the product's compact design, easy to carry, is a good helper for many activities.