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How To Maintain Wireless Amplifier
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Teaching wireless microphone is a small electrical product, need to pay attention to maintenance, the following talk about how to maintain the amplifier to increase the service life of loudspeakers, the next to look at the next important point to note.

1. Protect the microphone. The microphone is the most easily damaged accessory. The microphone charging interface is often used. We should pay more attention when charging the wireless microphone. Do not use excessive force.

2。 teaching wireless microphone battery maintenance, the battery must be charged before the first use, and then use, use the process must pay attention to the power, if the sound becomes significantly smaller, we should pay attention to charging, if electricity Putting dry batteries may never be charged. These common senses must be known to everyone. The same is true for mobile phone batteries. If you do not use them for a long period of time, you must charge the batteries and then save them. For example, some teachers let off winter holidays and forget about them. Charging, the results of the holiday back to the natural discharge of the battery to put all the electricity off, the battery is broken, the loudspeaker can not be used, so to charge after the preservation, regular charge and save.

3. Teaching wireless microphone Note that moisture, loudspeakers belong to electrical products, circuit board lines, if the humidity is too high, then easily lead to oxidation, so it should be kept in a dry place.

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