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Introduction To Loudspeaker
- May 25, 2018 -

As the name implies, the loudspeaker amplifies the sound and spreads it further. Compared with the speaker, the loudspeaker has stronger sound penetration.

According to usage: it can be divided into wired amplifier and wireless amplifier.

According to usage: it can be divided into teaching amplifier, guide amplifier and entertainment amplifier.

The loudspeaker can be divided into several types according to its size, usage and use, each of which has its advantages. Portable loudspeakers are limited by shape and size, and the general power is only 3-8w. While the cable and wireless microphone microphone volume in different size, different purposes, small suitable for teachers, tour guide, hanging at the waist, make the play more and more free hands, its power is in commonly 3 w - 8 w. The large size is suitable for outdoor activities, summer camp, after-class speeches and other places with large flow of people. The power is 35w-95w. A lithium-ion amplifier is one of several that is classified according to the type of battery it USES. It solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by traditional dry batteries. It mainly USES mobile phone lithium-ion technology to power loudspeakersu=3824824063,1764734983&fm=27&gp=0.jpg