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Introduction To Loudspeakers
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The advent of loudspeakers allowed people not only to enjoy their favorite music and radio programs while on the subway or hiking in the suburbs, but also to listen to the sounds of people who had survived for a long time and who did not exist in nature. All kinds of wonderful sounds. In the movie theater, the sound world created by loudspeakers brings viewers into an imaginary world. Loudspeakers are also an important tool for all public figures with charisma to communicate with the public in this century.

Of course, it doesn't compare to the loud microphones.

After all, each has its own purpose. Portable microphones due to the size and size of the speakers, the general power is only 3--8W, those who claimed that 12W, or even higher power amplifiers, is just a trader to sell goods only.

Loudspeakers are currently not limited to megaphones. Loudspeakers are now divided into wireless loudspeakers and wired loudspeakers. Different sizes, each with its own purpose, the size of the cigarette is smaller than the size of the cigarette case, the appearance of stylish and lightweight, very suitable for teachers and guides, hanging on the waist to free their hands and play more freedom, a listing will be The industry's praise, hanging in the waist power in 3W-8W. The large volume is suitable for outdoor activities, summer camps, extra-curricular lectures, etc. where the traffic is large, and the power is 35W---95W.

The introduction of lithium loudspeakers solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by traditional dry batteries. It responds to the country's call for environmental protection and protects the green planet. It mainly uses mobile phone lithium-ion technology to power loudspeakers. It not only has a long battery life, but also is compact. Safe, convenient, original lithium battery does not contain any toxic elements such as mercury, cadmium, etc., is a truly environmentally friendly battery, users can rest assured that use.

The use of batteries: loudspeaker built-in batteries are commonly used 18650 cylindrical lithium battery. 14650 cylindrical lithium battery (2 7.4V series) part of the use of 3.7V square battery