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Loudspeaker Selection Method
- Mar 20, 2018 -

A look at the performance description is detailed

Many amplifier products describe small, lightweight and other features. In the audio ring, everyone knows that “good audio must be heavy and heavy audio does not represent good”. The better the performance, the more demanding the material selection. In many aspects, the raw materials chosen may be relatively heavy to ensure the quality of the product. Portable microphones are wired connections, mostly waist-mounted and strap-style. Loudspeaker horns and microphone microphones (microphones) are relatively close to each other, and it is easy to generate howling feedback (natural phenomenon). Experienced manufacturers in this area will focus on the design of the circuit, and the sound will be loud enough to produce feedback.

Second look at the appearance of the product is good

A good loudspeaker product will fully consider the situation of consumers, and try to ensure the product quality, to meet the consumer's demand for appearance. R & D products often have contradictions, measuring the advantages and disadvantages, the real brand manufacturers will first take quality.

Three to see the experience of the user

Good loudspeaker products can stand up to use, ask friends who have used them, listen to their feelings and ideas, and believe that they have a high reference value for consumption. A manufacturer who is devoted to product development is extremely keen to receive word-of-mouth publicity. That is the recognition and appreciation of hard work.

Four to see whether after-sales service

Learn more about after-sales service measures and systems. The clearer the description, the more protection it provides. Of course, there are also many distributors who exaggerate their efforts to attract consumers. The one-year warranty for loudspeakers is said to be two years and the two-year warranty is said to be three years. Only product manufacturers are truly fully capable of maintenance, and only the manufacturer's commitment is more credible.