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The Past And Present Of Loudspeakers
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Loudspeakers are a fascinating invention of the 20th century. Loudspeakers allow people to enjoy their favorite programs while sitting in their homes. They can also listen to sounds saved by recordings and wonderful sounds that do not exist in nature so that we can enjoy a variety of audio-visual feasts. Today everyone came together to discuss the past and present of wireless amplifiers.

           Early loudspeakers were born in 1915. At the time, they were not called loudspeakers. It was only a loudspeaker with a megaphone function.

In 1950, Lei Wei invented the now commonly known amplifier. The original amplifier had a single function and was unwieldy and unwieldy. Since then, technicians have made unremitting efforts for its perfection.

After a period of hard work, portable loudspeakers, portable loudspeakers, Bluetooth wireless loudspeakers, and infrared wireless loudspeakers have appeared one after another, and many newer functions have been integrated. Compared to the original portable amplifier, its greatest progress was to free its hands and the sound reinforcement effect was greatly improved.

           As time passes, microphone batteries have also undergone changes from nickel-cadmium batteries to nickel-metal hydride batteries to lithium batteries. The introduction of lithium loudspeakers solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by traditional dry batteries. It uses cell phone lithium technology to power loudspeakers. The battery not only has a long life, but also is compact, safe, convenient, and does not contain any toxic elements such as mercury and cadmium. It is a truly environmentally friendly battery.

          After several generations of changes, the loudspeakers have become what we use today. Of course, loudspeakers will not only develop to the present, but will be better in the future. We will wait and see!