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The Storage And Maintenance Of Loudspeakers
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Loudspeakers are small electrical products that require attention to maintenance to increase the useful life of loudspeakers.

1, to protect the microphone, the microphone is the most vulnerable to an accessory, the line length of the interface is often used, we use the microphone when plugging more attention, do not use too much force.

2, do not force the microphone line, especially the interface, it is vulnerable to damage, usually pay attention to the body movements can not be too much.

3, battery maintenance, the battery must be charged before the first use, and then use, use the process must pay attention to the power, if the sound becomes significantly smaller, we should charge, if the battery is too dry It will never be charged. If you do not use it for a long period of time, you must charge the battery and then save it. For example, if you leave the summer vacation and you forget to charge it, the battery will be discharged after the battery is discharged and the battery will be completely discharged. The battery will be damaged and the speaker will not be used. Save after charging, regular charge and save.

4, pay attention to moisture, loudspeakers are electrical products, circuit board line if the humidity is too high, then easily lead to oxidation, so it should be stored in a dry place.

Through the correct use of the above loudspeakers, the service life of our loudspeakers will generally be about 5 years. Generally speaking, microphones need to be replaced one year. Because microphones are relatively fragile, of course, the protection is easy to use for several years without any problem. [

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