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The Use And Maintenance Of Loudspeakers
- Mar 20, 2018 -


1. When using the loudspeaker, avoid the microphone facing the horn and the volume adjustment is appropriate and clear. This can avoid distortion and feedback whistling.

2. Do not pull and drag the microphone cable during use. Otherwise, it is easy to cause poor contact between the wires.

3. The host battery should not be over-charged and discharged for a long time. When the low battery prompts, it should be charged in time. When it is not used during the winter and summer vacations, one or two months should be charged.


Loudspeakers are small electrical products, need to pay attention to maintenance, the following talk about how to maintain loudspeakers to increase the service life of loudspeakers. Let's take a look at the points to pay attention to.

1. To protect the microphone, the microphone is the most easily damaged one. The long line interface is often used. We should pay more attention when we use the microphone. Do not use too much force.

2. Do not forcefully pull the microphone wire, especially the interface part, it is very easy to be damaged, usually pay attention to the body movements not too much.

3. Battery maintenance, the battery must be charged before the first use, and then use, must pay attention to the power during use, if the sound becomes significantly smaller, we should pay attention to charging, if the battery is too dry It will never be charged. These common senses of life must be known to everyone. The same is true for mobile phone batteries. If you do not use them for a long period of time, you must charge them and then save them. For example, some teachers leave for winter holidays and forget to charge them. When the battery is fully drained and the battery is discharged, the battery is broken and the loudspeaker cannot be used. Therefore, it must be charged and stored periodically.

4. Take precautions against moisture. Loudspeakers belong to electrical products. If the humidity of the circuit board is too high, oxidation may occur. So keep it in a dry place.